August 19, 2021 Ian continues reviewing an article about the social credit system in China. About The Great Reset Hosted by Ian K (a.k.a. Comix Division) “The Great Reset” is a series dedicated to understanding, preparing for, and opposing the World Economic Forum’s initiative to radically undermine individual rights andContinue Reading

August 17, 2021 Keri interviews Ethan Van Sciver, a 28-year veteran of the comic book industry who was blacklisted for his perceived political views. He has since become a popular YouTuber with his channel, ComicArtistPro Secrets, where he pushes back against cancel culture as a leading voice in Comicsgate. HisContinue Reading

August 16, 2021 Keri and Carter begin with a brief discussion of yesterday’s Book Club (The Anarchy Handbook) and the Federal war on cryptocurrency before turning to the Afghanistan fiasco. Carter implores young liberty-minded men to focus their efforts on fighting for liberty at home rather than letting the militaryContinue Reading

August 15, 2021 Carter and a small cohort from the Unsafe Space community discuss The Anarchist Handbook, organized by Michael Malice. Carter loves it, and of course a discussion about anarchy ensues. Links Referenced in the Show: The Anarchist Handbook: Thanks for Watching! The best way to follow Unsafe Space,Continue Reading

August 13, 2021 Carter and Keri are joined by special guests Seerut Chawla and Clifton Duncan. Clifton opens by relaying the tale of a Broadway actress who was fired for not “getting the jab,” and the group observes how reasonable, rational discussion about the government’s response to COVID has beenContinue Reading

August 11, 2021 Carter interviews Caryn Ann Harlos, also known as Pink Flame of Liberty on YouTube. She is the secretary of the Libertarian National Committee. She’s been active in Libertarian Party politics for the past 7 years, both as a state affiliate in Colorado and as a regional representativeContinue Reading