The Earth’s top economic experts, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, released their December personal consumption expenditures (PCE) “inflation” forecast for next year: 2.6%. Oops! Sorry, 2.6% was the Fed’s December 2021 PCE forecast for 2022. As of December 2022, are your personal consumption expenditures up onlyContinue Reading

Gay weddings are back. Well, back in court. This week, SCOTUS began hearing oral arguments for 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis. The case centers around Lorie Smith, a devout Christian who wants to expand her business to include wedding websites. Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) prohibits businesses from discriminating against LGBTQContinue Reading

There is a lot of confusion over what is happening and what has been happening in Maricopa county, Arizona. Most people seem not to know the election laws and procedures here and assume that they are the same as they are in their state, or the same as they wereContinue Reading

In clown world it’s sometimes hard to separate the idiot from the savant, and for years the ramblings of Kanye West (“Ye”) remained indecipherable to many. After his dramatic transformation from secular sensation to Trump-stumping bible-thumper, the mainstream media made it even more difficult by casting every minute twitch orContinue Reading

It all started with a paper published in 2010 that asks if our ideas about the nature of human psychology are correct. Is there a consistent human psychology across cultures? Seeing as how the population from which we pull our data is largely Western educated undergraduate students, we should expandContinue Reading

Beneath the thin slice of rectangle crystal, photons dance. In empty hospital halls, scrubs and masks shuffle clumsily to hip, vapid beats in a choreographed display of mediocre middle-class conformity. Vegan-skinned, dysfunctional costumes bob bright plumage, pointing beseechingly to narcissistic neopronouns as they pop on screen in colorful sequence. TheContinue Reading

Immediately upon the spectacular meltdown of Sam Bankman-Fried’s magic money empire FTX last week, widespread consensus converged on one simple conclusion: The crypto market needs more government oversight. “[W]ithout proper oversight, cryptocurrencies risk harming everyday Americans,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre warned on Thursday. “The most recent news furtherContinue Reading

Dilapidated, crusty faces huddled in overcrowded detention centers and rank, blistered soles shuffling aimlessly beneath an overpass near the Mexican border. Inflation. Frothy rants and salty tweets. And, of course, racism. All are among the purported effects of Climate Change, as recently advertised to us unenlightened masses by our noble,Continue Reading

The days leading up to an election are absolutely critical from a strategic standpoint. Nothing is done or said without considering the potential impact on voters. Timing is everything, after all, so considering the Democrats’ desperation to cling to power in the face of high crime, the worst inflation inContinue Reading