December 07, 2021 Keri interviews Michelle and Natalie, sisters and co-hosts of Force of Light Entertainment. On Force of Light Entertainment, they review movies, discuss rumors and give commentary on current events in the world of entertainment. Michelle is an ordained minister and currently working on her dissertation for herContinue Reading

December 06, 2021 Keri and Carter are joined by special guest Ellen, a former teacher and concerned parent who has been fighting against pornographic material ushered into her local public school system under the guise of pro-LGBTQ literature. She calls out graphic drawings in Maia Kobabe’s “Gender Queer: A Memoir,”Continue Reading

December 03, 2021 Carter and Keri are joined by special guests Drunk 3PO (Jay) and Mike Harlow, both of whom have experienced bizarre Twitter bans. The group then discusses the societal impact of social media, both good and bad. They comment on Seth Rogen’s tone deaf elitism, and how theContinue Reading

November 29, 2021 Carter and Keri begin with a discussion of Christmas / “Capitalism Day,” and Keri discusses how she participated in the war on Christmas when she was an SJW. Next, they mock the “omicron” variant just a bit, and get into a brief discussion about the uniqueness ofContinue Reading

November 26, 2021 Carter and Keri are joined by special guests Seerut Chawla and Josh Slocum (Disaffected Podcast), and they begin by extracting lessons from fairy tales. This leads to a broader discussion about children and their need for parents. Keri then asks the question of the century: “What isContinue Reading

November 24, 2021 Carter provides an overview of the purpose of Dangerous Thoughts and the metaphysical and epistemological starting points for the discussion. He then recaps main points of the discussion so far, introduces the stolen concept fallacy, and wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Links Referenced in the Show: DiscussionContinue Reading

November 23, 2021 Keri interviews Nina, a host of multiple YouTube shows, including Infinite Talk, which talks about the crazy clown world we’re currently live; as well as Infinite Hope, which is all about finding the positive in the world. To follow Nina: Twitter: @Nina7Infinity YouTube: Instagram: AboutContinue Reading

November 22, 2021 Carter and Keri begin by discussing the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre over the weekend, noting the vile reactions by many leftists in the wake of the Rittenhouse verdict. This prompts Carter to remind people what unites the modern left–not a shared vision of utopia, but a sharedContinue Reading