April 12, 2023 The sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines in September 2022 remains unsolved, yet on March 27, 2023 the US government blocked the Russian formal request for an independent UN investigation. Keith reviews the pipelines, the potential culprits accused so far (Russia govt, US Navy/CIA, six sailors onContinue Reading

March 22, 2023 Keith discusses full state secession for Florida with fellow Floridian Mike Collins. Mike is Chair of the Polk County Libertarian Party, and an admin of the FLexit Facebook group. Should FL divorce Washington DC? What are some of the issues to resolve, and how might they beContinue Reading

March 13, 2023 Keith is joined by Eric Ivers from Illinois to discuss an intrastate secession effort to shift the IL-MO state line, moving 4-5 western Illinois counties to Missouri. Eric has been working to hold a citizen’s referendum in his county, voting to leave IL and become part ofContinue Reading

March 8, 2023 FBI Director Christopher Wray said the FBI “assessed” the likely source of the virus was a Wuhan lab leak and that the problem is China. Politician and media response is to act as if everyone knows it may have come from the lab, the problem is theContinue Reading

March 1, 2023 The question of secession is one about the higher authority of the states above the general government. Yes, a state can constitutionally leave the union based the state and people’s decision alone. This principle is recognized by both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. TheContinue Reading

February 22, 2023 The federal holiday of this week is Washington’s Birthday – NOT so-called “Presidents Day”. Contrary to popular belief the holiday was NOT changed by Congress. Celebrating the birthday of all presidents is worship of the power of the King, and a celebration of the King himself. TheContinue Reading

February 15, 2023 On Feb. 8 investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported U.S. “Navy divers … planted the remotely triggered explosives that, three months later, destroyed three of the four Nord Stream pipelines”. Hersh’s plausible story and reported culprit should be one of the biggest news stories of today, yet aContinue Reading

February 8, 2023 Keith interviews Louis Marinelli on a recently launched movement named “CalExit 3.0”, proposing to split California into two along ideological lines by holding citizen referendums at the county level. The politically left majority counties would leave these united states, forming an independent sovereign country operating under progressiveContinue Reading

January 18, 2023 Keith and guest Benjamin Shaffer discusses the ludicrously unconstitutional consideration by the Biden administration to implement a US wide ban on gas stoves, along with other actions proving those in power in the federal government have zero interest or concern with the limits imposed on them byContinue Reading