January 4, 2023 Keith looks back at 2022 from a civics perspective on the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful as the government continued its war against us. Included from the bad side, we cover government successes destroying the value of the dollar and moving us closer toContinue Reading

December 21, 2022 The Constitution’s “welfare clause” is frequently used to claim the federal government can lawfully fund 80+ social welfare programs. This claim requires ignoring the Constitution’s limits on the funding powers of Congress. Keith explains why the claim is both false and absurd, why every federal welfare programContinue Reading

December 14, 2022 Keith is joined by special guests Marcus Ruiz Evans, President of Calexit LLC, Steven Axelman, founder of Americans for Peaceful Separation, and Alu Axelman, President of Foundation for New Hampshire Independence. We discuss why a state leaving the union is constitutional, why self governance is a rightContinue Reading

November 30, 2022 In Part 3 of the three part series “Fighting Tyrants”, Lisa Hanson updates us on her victory against the petty tyrant’s virus lockdowns. The government was destroying small business and lives. If the government finds it useful to use you as an example to scare the taxContinue Reading

November 23, 2022 Host Keith shows examples of fighting petty government tyrants in their own zoo. Oops – school board and city commission meetings. We the people can make a difference with sufficient numbers presented in short public statements. Keith shows citizen statements at a FL school board and aContinue Reading

November 9, 2022 Keith discusses the Guy Fawkes Day holiday, V in the “V For Vendetta” movie, voting, petitioning the government for a redress of grievances, election day, and what might be done when voting and petitioning don’t work. Remember Guy Fawkes, remember remember the 5th of November, and rememberContinue Reading

November 2, 2022 Do you know the civics of Halloween? In this live episode with guest host Pirate Kith we cover the history, origination in the Pagan and Christian religions, government’s tactical manipulation, and the cultural changes over centuries of the holiday we now call Halloween. The fall harvest’s answerContinue Reading