This page is still a work in progress. It contains form letters that you can use to divest from companies that engage in corporate activism on behalf of the woke left.

World Economic Forum Divestment Letters

Strategic Partners with the World Economic Forum (WEF) support the WEF’s push for “stakeholder capitalism” and the Orwellian Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework that is being imposed on corporations worldwide. Both are direct and overt assaults on individualism, free markets, and personal liberty..

Make a copy of a Google Doc below so that you can edit it, then fill-in the custom fields (highlighted in yellow), remove the highlights, print, sign, and send! We suggest sending both a physical copy as well as a digital copy via email. In addition to the email address listed at the top of the letter, look at the bottom of each letter to find other relevant email addresses to which a copy should be sent.

Company-specific divestment letters are still being generated. If you can’t yet find a letter for a particular WEF company, use this Generic WEF Divestment Template.

Click here to access a list of current WEF members (updated June 2022)

This ESG divestment project was inspired by an episode of Dangerous Thoughts for which Carter forced himself to watch videos from the 2022 WEF meeting in Davos. Watch him expose the oligarchical agenda of Davos attendees in this video segment.

Dangerous Thoughts is a series dedicated to practical and applied philosophy, as well as deeper dives into other crucial but complex topics. Its goal is to help rational individuals become more dangerous to the intellectual and psychological enemies of the principles upon which Western Civilization was built and has thrived.