Promoting the values that have enabled Western civilization to succeed takes more than just wishful thinking. By supporting Unsafe Space financially, you’re joining the battle in a meaningful way. Thank you!

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It’s only a buck, and it comes with plausible deniability.


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It’s only a buck, and it comes with plausible deniability.


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Video end credits: at the end of uploaded videos, your heresy will be immortalized for all to see (listed however you like). Also, you get stickers to plaster around your local college campus.


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Not only will your apostasy be immortalized forever in the end credits, but you also get your very own Unsafe Space mug.


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Corrupter of Youth

You will be condemned for your crimes in our end credits, and receive your very own Unsafe Space mug (hemlock not included).


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Existential Threat

This is getting serious, and you probably spend way too much time online. Does your spouse know?


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Thought Felon

Are you single-handedly trying to save civilization? Way to go! Also, you may be on a watchlist now…

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