A Kennedy Runs For President

April 26, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr announced his candidacy for President with a speech calling out the evil of the “corrupt merger of state and corporate power”, continual wars, COVID lockdowns, Big Pharma, and the dramatic increase in chronic diseases. Kennedy warned the Empire that he is going to be talking about a lot of topics they don’t want to discuss, saying “this is what happens” when they censor someone for 18 years. In Rebel Civics Episode #50 Keith reviews Kennedy’s speech and discusses how much fun it will be over the next 18 months watching a man who knows what they are up to and that they can no longer silence – a guy who spent his career exposing government/corporate corruption and wrote the book “The Real Anthony Fauci”.

About Rebel Civics

Hosted by Keith Bessette, Rebel Civics covers the principles of society and government, the ideas upon which America was founded, the history of the development of these principles, and current events in relation to them. Rebel (n): A person who is disobedient to unjust authority and stands up for fundamental principles, despite conventions and the opinions of others.

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