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Alyssa’s Volkswagen Backfires

Listen to this article rather than read it.

I’m going to avoid any puns around backfiring when discussing Alyssa Milano’s recent debacle with buying a Volkswagen and decrying Tesla and Elon Musk. Except for maybe this cheap title. But it was spectacular.

As celebrities decide how to publicly announce their distaste with Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, Ms. Milano decided to let everyone know that she returned her Tesla. Apparently she is doing so to avoid driving a car built by a company who is aligned with “hate and white supremacy.” There’s one big problem she hasn’t considered.

Volkswagen was originally created as part of Hitler’s program to enable all German families to drive their own car. Tesla, in comparison, is made in America by a real life African-American. So her decision to trade a car made in America for one built by a company that as recently as 2019 used a slogan emblazoned on the entry to concentration camps – “Work Will Set You Free” – is perplexing, but not surprising. In all fairness, Volkswagen did apologize for the recent oversight.

Look at his face. He’s so excited!

But it wasn’t long ago that Ms. Milano thought Elon Musk was “amazing” and thought she would host him for dinner on a very short list of people she admired. But that’s how these faux-activists operate. They have no North Star outside of the way the political wind blows when it comes from the left.

When your whole world view is based on looking forward at an abstractly imagined world that could exist if people would just do what you think they should do, you can’t be bothered with the nature of humanity much less its history.

This pattern will continue to repeat as it is a feature of their thought process, and not a bug.

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