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Emperor Biden’s True Colors

The ruler of the largest empire in Earth’s history made it clear what D.C. government is about.

The ruler of the largest empire in Earth’s history showed his true colors in Philadelphia, backed up by stern guards closely monitoring the kingdom’s subjects in attendance.

No, this isn’t a Photoshop image. It’s a real picture taken at the 9/1/22 Biden speech. And in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, of all places. The building the Declaration of Independence and Constitution came out of is now a backdrop for double-fisted tyrants.

Joe opened with, “I speak to you tonight from sacred ground in America: Independence Hall.”

“Sacred ground”? Sacred is defined as “dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity.” Independence Hall is not a sacred ground. The Constitution is not a sacred document. The constitutional republic of these United States is not a church. Those elected to office are not high priests, regardless of how they think of themselves and act once in power.

Government should not be worshiped as a god. Independence Hall is not dedicated to the worship of a deity. Those who worship government as their god are morally bankrupt.

Biden referred to supporters of a political opponent as a “threat to this country,” “a threat to our personal rights,” and a “clear and present danger.” He said they are engaging in an “assault on American democracy.” These are the words of the uniter in chief who promised to bring this country together if elected. These are words written and approved by the administration, published on the .gov website, and put on the teleprompter for Joe to read.

These are not simply off-handed rambling words of hatred from a loan, senile old man. This is evidently the view of many people in Washington, D.C.—including the speech writers, administration, and chief of staff—or the carefully crafted words wouldn’t have made it into the approved speech Joe read from the teleprompter.

Biden said, “This is a nation that honors our Constitution. We do not reject it.” While there are many people that honor the Constitution, Joe Biden is clearly not one of them. I call BS on your “we,” Joe.

Joe Biden speaking in front of Independence Hall openly mocks the documents written there. Biden’s actions in office and the Washington, D.C., machine itself are so far outside the limits imposed by the Constitution that choosing this location as a backdrop is ludicrous.

The color scheme, stern guards, and Biden shouting with raised fists, however, is quite appropriate. It is a perfect image of what is going on today. Tyrants in Washington, D.C., exercising ever-increasing power with limits only they themselves define.

One recent example of Emperor Joe Biden’s unconstitutional acts is the August 24th, 2022, student debt “forgiveness” executive order. The order transfers and estimated half a trillion dollars from people who committed to the debt obligation to those who had nothing to do with it. This debt transfer is done at the point of a government gun. The English word for this Joe Biden order is theft.

Joe’s order uses the terms “forgiveness,” “debt relief,” and “cancelling balance.” All lies —the debt can’t go away with a presidential executive order. Impossible. What Biden’s order actually does is transfer the debt to someone else, by force. Al Capone didn’t pull off a crime of this magnitude running the bootleg business for all of Chicago during prohibition.

There is nothing in Article 2 of the Constitution delegating the president a power to transfer a debt obligation, “forgiving” the borrower. Joe Biden’s student debt “forgiveness” order is unconstitutional. It is also immoral. It is also stupid from both basic economics and educational success viewpoints. The Founders would be utterly disgusted seeing a president who committed such an atrocious violation of the Constitution reading a speech in front of Independence Hall the following week.

Another recent example of a Washington, D.C., tyrannical everyday operation is Mark Zuckerberg’s revelation that the FBI contacted both Facebook and Twitter in the days leading up to the election, backhandedly telling them to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. Both companies complied, of course. Willingly or not, doesn’t matter. When the CEO of a social media corporation gets hauled in to Congress and read the riot act, and the jackbooted thugs of the FBI call and say they sure would appreciate help censoring information, the risk/reward question falls heavily on the side of the guys with a monopoly on violence.

Al Capone didn’t run his organization without enforcers, and neither does Joe Biden. Is the FBI/Facebook merger completed yet? Their new logo has already been released.

What is our form of government today?

After leaving Independence Hall following the September 17th, 1787, completion of the proposed U.S. Constitution, Virginia delegate George Mason wrote his critique of problems he foresaw with the general government if the Constitution was ratified in the September 17th version.

Mason was concerned the limitations were not sufficient in several areas. He said the wording of the commerce clause, welfare clause, and supremacy clause were too open and would be used to increase government power far beyond what was intended. Mason wanted to include a Bill of Rights to explicitly remind the general government that there was no power delegated in several critical areas. George Mason was one of the three delegates in Philadelphia who didn’t sign the document that September 17th, as in his view, it didn’t limit the general government sufficiently.

George Mason was the author of the May 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights, adopted by Virginia in June 1776 with the state Constitution when the state seceded from England. Yes, several states had seceded from the British Crown prior to the July 4th, 1776, date we celebrate as secession day.

Mason is often referred to as the Father of the Bill of Rights. The first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution were heavily based on Mason’s work. After leaving Independence Hall that September 17th, the location that Biden’s handlers chose for his tyrannical speech, George Mason wrote:

This Government will commence in a moderate Aristocracy; it is at present impossible to foresee whether it will, in its Operation, produce a Monarchy, or a corrupt oppressive Aristocracy; it will most probably vibrate some years between the two, and then terminate in the one or the other.”
– George Mason, 1787

Mason nailed it!

How did he know? He studied history and was aware of what governments do with power. All of history shows that government will grow its own power as far as the people will tolerate, until it is either stopped by the people or millions of citizens are dead, and the system collapses. The 235 years since George Mason wrote his prediction is one more piece of history showing he was correct.

We the People must limit government power. When the government is allowed to determine the extent of its own power, as we see in D.C. today, that power will continuously grow.

Numerous examples of this problem may be read every day on UncoverDC and other alternate media sources. Occasionally, even the legacy media channels identify excess power the Washington, D.C., tyrants have grabbed, if one is willing to shift through all the noise to pull out the facts.

George Mason warned us. Is Washington, D.C., today “a Monarchy, or a corrupt oppressive Aristocracy”? I’ll leave this question as an exercise to the reader.

An acceptable answer is “some of both.”


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