[#Covfefe Break] Something Rotten in the State of Denmark

November 16, 2020

Still broadcasting from YouTube jail, Carter and Keri kick off the show by noting the Grand Exodus of people from the controlling, biased social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter, and how mainstream media is already working to discredit alternatives such as MeWe and Parler. Next, they critique Joe Biden’s “team lead” pick for the US Agency for Global Media, Richard Stengel. Although he is the former chief executive of the National Constitution Center, he penned an op-ed last year calling for “hate speech laws” and characterizing America’s First Amendment as a “design flaw.”

Thanks to Keith the Hat Guy, they celebrate the 222nd anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s “Kentucky Resolutions,” which were used to defend citizens against the first major federal attempt to gut free speech protections, courtesy President John Adams via the Alien and Sedition acts.

Afterwards, they expose “The Great Reset,” an above-board attempt concocted by globalist elites at the World Economic Forum to use the COVID-19 “pandemic” to remake the fabric of society in line with their vision for our future. Carter briefly discusses a bad statistical analysis of Michigan voting results that is floating around the Internet, and finally Keri and Carter talk about the riots in Denmark over the government’s current plans to permanently expand state powers so that they can forcefully require medical exams, vaccines, and isolation.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Mark Dice’s rendition of Brian Stetler:

Biden’s selection of Richard Stengel:

Stengel’s 2019 WaPo Op-ed:

The Kentucky Resolutions:

Justin Trudeau references the Great Reset:

World Economic Forum Great Reset page:

Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum) article on the Great Reset:

Great Reset website:

The Screen New Deal:

Bill Whittle’s coverage of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s bad election stats:

Matt Parker’s math channel:

Denmark Protest video:

Denmark Protest article:

Sorry, Asians, but you’re white now:

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