[#Covfefe Break] Men’s Day, Curfews, and White Folx

November 20, 2020

Back on the main channel, Carter and Keri briefly celebrate International Men’s Day before delving into California Governor Gavin Newsom’s new curfew order on the heels of his hypocritical attendance at a French Laundry birthday party. They decry the political aristocracy, congratulate Unsafe Space community member Angie Hoffman for her recent election to the school board, and address questions from chat before watching Cut’s latest piece of race war propaganda titled, “So what exactly are white people superior at?” Finally, Carter observes the eagerness with which Mark Zuckerberg seems to want government regulation of Facebook.

Links Referenced in the Show:

UN’s International Men’s Day tweet:

Unsafe Space interview with Tom Golden:

California’s new curfew:

California’s curfew map:

Gavin Newsom at French Laundry:

Orange County Sheriff’s refusal to enforce the curfew:

Australia Karen’s 15 minutes of fame (police reply deleted):

Archive of police reply to Australia Karen:

Cut’s race war propaganda:

Dorsey and Zuckerberg’s Senate Hearings:

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