[#Covfefe Break] Giving Thanks

November 23, 2020

Keri and Carter take a break from covering depressing and negative news to discuss the importance of gratitude and celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving. Keri talks about her pastor’s recent sermon linking a lack of gratitude to resentfulness and envy, and then Carter proposes a model for people’s emotional orientations towards humanity (and ultimately themselves): a fundamental approval of human existence on the one hand, and a fundamental rejection of human existence on the other. They then discuss how a “rejection” orientation necessarily requires denunciation of celebrations like Thanksgiving, and how China’s Cultural Revolution, Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution, and the modern left all fit this model.

Next, Keri shares an impassioned list of things for which she is thankful, and Carter follows up with his own list, as well as some habits that can encourage ongoing gratefulness. The rest of the show is dedicated to reading about what the people in Unsafe Space chat are thankful for, and to celebrating gratitude together as a community.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Links Referenced in the Show:

Mao’s Last Revolution by Roderick MacFarquhar:

The book on the Chinese Cultural Revolution the Dr. Morson recommended:

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