[#Covfefe Break] Student Debt, Speakeasies, and OG Karens

November 30, 2020

Carter and Keri open with Biden’s plan to “erase” student debt, as if there is such a thing as “erasure” in actual economics. Carter explains the three methods government uses to obtain money – taxes, borrowing, and printing, and why borrowing and printing are evil and really just forms of taxation. Then they discusses censorship by government and corporations, pointing out that Twitter (as an example) would not have grown to the size it is today if the company has told new users how it would one day engage in censorship of content that goes against their list of allowable opinions.

Next up, the duo reported on busts of NYC COVID “Speakeasies” – gyms, bars, and a swinger’s club. Maskless “gym rats” were reported to be exercising against the government order, and couples were caught by cops having sex without masks on. Carter posits that the Temperance Movement was an earlier version of SJW Karens: mostly white women imposing their ideology on society by indoctrination and force. Keri praises “True Texans” for refusing to abide by Governor Abbot’s order mandating masks, citing county and city government officials and calling special attention to one particular rebellious school district Superintendent.

They close with a discussion on why education and schooling are not the same thing. Carter points out that studies on the value of college education are generally filled with misrepresentation and false claims. He notes it isn’t valid to use lifetime earnings of people who went to college 60 years ago to claim going today is valuable, and that averaging all degrees together ruins the data on what might be valuable. He also notes that causation is falsely assumed – getting a degree and making higher income does not prove the degree was the cause.

Links Referenced in the Show:

NYC cops raid on swinger’s speakeasy:

NYC cops raid on gym speakeasy:

Root article on student debt:

Sozhenitsyn’s 1983 Templeton Address:

Website containing a crowd-sourced list of voter fraud allegations and evidence:

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