[#Covfefe Break] COVID Testing, Lockdown Depression, and Economic Illiteracy

December 07, 2020

Carter and Keri discuss new COVID lockdowns in California and other locations, and then take a look at the actual number of deaths in New York. Carter then discusses the difference between a positive COVID test using the CDC-approved 40-cycle PCR standard and an actual COVID infection. They review “infection” vs. death rates from a number of sources, and conclude that current testing standards are hypersensitive and used to justify authoritarian behavior. They turn their attention to Staten Island bar manager Daniel Presti, who was arrested on Sunday for injuring a sheriff’s deputy with his Jeep while trying to escape, and Keri rants about how mask mandates and lockdowns infringe on rights. She cites a sermon by her pastor about the psychological effects of wearing a “veil.”

After mourning the rise in teenage depression, suicide rates, and other destructive behavior correlated with government lockdowns, they wonder what future cultural changes will result from mandated masks and social isolation. After Keri departs, Carter talks about the importance of intellectual property rights as applied specifically to vaccine and drug development. He ends by reviewing a popular TikTok video in which an economically illiterate young lady rants about currency and inflation, noting that she is partially correct, even if by accident.

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Proposal to suspend intellectual property rights…because COVID:

TikTok girl talks about inflation:

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