[#Covfefe Break] Toxic Masculinity, Timnit Gebru, and Woke Santa

December 11, 2020

Keri and Carter address Kumail Nanjiani’s self-hating denigration of “traditional masculinity,” the characterization of boys as broken girls, and the continual disparagement of fathers and fatherhood. They explore the “departure” from Google of Timnit Gebru, technical co-lead of Google’s Ethical Artificial Intelligence Team, and the drama surrounding it. Carter points out the importance and sophistication of AI and large language models, and implores non-woke ethicists to get involved in training the AI engines of the future.

After answering some superchats, they discuss YouTube’s new policy regarding the mention of election fraud, and Keri likens their language to bureaucrats in 1984 bragging about how many words they’d removed from the dictionary. Carter argues that in order to prevent the rise of an authoritarian government, it is necessary to let skeptics criticize the government publicly–even if and when those skeptics are wrong. He asserts that YouTube has voluntarily made itself a proxy of the state.

Next, they observe the hypocrisy with which the mainstream media buried the Hunter Biden story prior to the election, but are happy to discuss it now that the election is over. They end by watching a video of “Woke Santa,” who makes a young boy cry by rejecting his request for a Nerf gun: “No Guns, not even a nerf gun!” Fortunately, the Christmas spirit is still alive in Based Santa, who rectified the situation by personally delivering Nerf guns to the roiled child.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Keri’s Twitter response to Kumail Nanjiani:

Carter and Keri discuss the APA guidelines:

Unsafe Space interview with Tom Golden:

AI-generated article:

Article containing Timnit Gebru’s letter:

Article containing Sundar Pichai’s apology letter:

Overview of Timing Gebru’s paper:

New YouTube policy on election fraud:

Mainstream media on Hunter Biden BEFORE the election:

A simple Google search on Hunter Biden NOW:

CNN reporting on Hunter Biden:

NY Post reporting that William Barr knew about Hunter investigation:

Woke Santa being an ass:

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1 Comment

  1. In every instance where radical feminist/social justice types/earlier versions of wokeness gets control of an organization, it always led to the demise of said organization. Get work go broke seems to be always true. The reason is simple, the original goals, service and purpose gets hijacked to toxic social justice woke goals. And the organization ceases to function.

    Google has had a level of toxic wokeness for some time, well before Trump. Google is a giant organization. When Trump came on the scene Google started corrupting its search engine. Google dismantled its news aggregator and replaced it with an anti-Trump propaganda outlet. Googles search was progressively becoming corrupted with woke lies/filters. This was done by systemic algorithms. This was progressively destroying Google search, if this continues unchecked it will destroy Google search. Getting rid of toxic people like Timnit Gebru is a matter of survival for Google. The question is, is it too late for Google? Is Google doomed to destruction by the toxic social justice/woke religion?

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