[#Covfefe Break] Texas Secession, Rare-Earth Crisis, and Silent Spring

December 14, 2020

Keri and Carter discuss the childish brouhaha over Jill Biden’s title, “doctor,” during which Keri reveals her acquaintance with someone who has a Ph.D. in “Food Dance.” Next, they discuss Texas GOP Allen West’s proposal to secede and form a separate Union, which leads Carter to contemplate Amy Siskind’s proposed bifurcation of the United States into the “United States of Canada” and “Jesusland.” Carter then discusses how China has cornered the market on the mining and processing of rare-earth elements necessary for modern life, as well as the US’s decaying expertise in a crucial technological field. Keri highlights the mainstream media’s propagandized reporting of Tusli Gabbard’s proposed bill to ban biological males from women’s sports, labelling her a “transphobe,” and then Carter rants about the double standard of socialized entrepreneurship only upon success. Finally, they get into a small disagreement about the value of Rachel Carson’s book on DDT, “Silent Spring,” and the appropriateness of using it as a tool to teach “science” to middle-schoolers.

Also, Carter wears a Santa hat, but nbd.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Hillary Clinton feigning relevancy:

“Get used to it” from The Long Kiss Goodnight:

Pepper is a Doctor:

Supreme Court rejects Texas election suit:

Allen West’s statement on the Supreme Court decision:

Amy Siskind’s proposal to split America:

Rare-earth mining article:

Mountain Pass Mine:

Harvard Medical School on “Birthing People”:

Huffington Post article on Tulsi’s Title IX bill:

Fox article on Tulsi’s abortion bill:

Not-so-woke Elon Musk:

The Truth About DDT and Silent Spring:

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