[#Covfefe Break] Public Trust, 2021 Predictions, and Old White People

December 18, 2020

Streaming from a janky setup (yes, more janky than usual), Carter and Keri focus on more positive topics such as New Year’s rituals and their favorite comedies. Then they ponder why trust in mainstream institutions is declining…could it be incidents like the nurse in El Paso who was “vaccinated” during a press conference with an empty syringe, or the FBI’s historical dishonesty, including their treatment of Richard Jewel and the Russian collusion hoax? Next they discuss how “Maries” are pushing lockdowns for everyone else while remaining largely unaffected themselves. Hey, look, tech stocks are up!

When asked for predictions for 2021, Keri describes a bleak but altogether more rosy picture than Carter. The two respond to some more superchats, and end the show with a look at a recent New York Times article that casually suggests that being “white” makes someones life less worth saving.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Fake vaccination:

Libby Emmons article on the lockdowns:


The failure of the NYT’s Caliphate podcast:

SolarWinds security advisory:

Newsweek article on SolarWinds:

Microsoft SolarWinds probe:

NYT article on “Elderly vs. Essential Workers”:

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