[#Covfefe Break] Dalton School, Collapsitarianism, and White Evangelicals

December 21, 2020

Carter and Keri discuss the immorality of attacks on “gifted and talented programs” for exceptional students, as well as a recent list of racist demands issued by leftist faculty at The Dalton School in Manhattan. They contemplate the collapsitarian view of letting schools fail, and Carter ties this to the importance of letting businesses die and avoiding government bailouts when unsuccessful endeavors are struggling.

They next review David French’s recent article, “Why Do They Hate Us,” in which he attacks “white Evangelicals Americans” through unsupported ad hominem and innuendo. They close the show with Carter’s response to a question about the difference between libertarian, an-cap, voluntarist, and objectivist labels.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Ida Bae Wells Tweet calling for the elimination of gifted programs:

Colin Wright’s thread on The Dalton School demands:

Recall Gavin Newsome website:

Article about Newsom’s recall:

A new strain of COVID:

David French’s article:

Christopher Rufo thread on Seattle Public Schools:

Article about Seth Rich’s laptop:

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