[#Covfefe Break] Canadian Stasi, NY Internment Camps, and “Awomen!”

January 04, 2021

Keri and Carter welcome the New Year from a new computer, courtesy the Unsafe Space community. Keri then reports on the ongoing demands in Texas to tear down Confederate soldier statues, and the two contemplate the thought process of so-called “anti-racists” planning to dress in Klan garb to “fight racism.”

Next, they discuss the 6-person New Year’s Eve party in Gatineau, Quebec, that was raided by Canadian police after a busybody neighbor snitched on the small group for violating COVID rules. This brings them to review New York Assembly Bill 416, a frightening piece of proposed legislation that would give the NY governor sweeping, broad powers to “remove” and “detain” individuals who “may” pose a threat to health “in the opinion of the governor.” Perhaps the NY governor’s title should be changed to “Fuhrer.”

After Carter then rants about “Public Good,” observing that there is no such objectively definable definition, Keri showcases her new felted hat and the two learn about the felting process from the Unsafe Knitters in chat. Responding to a Star Chat, Carter then answers a question about the relationship between leftism, progressivism, and oligarchy by pointing out the shared underlying philosophy of sacrificing individuals in the name of some “collective good.”

Finally, the show closes with Representative Emanuel Cleaver’s bizarre conclusion to his opening prayer for the House of Representatives, in which he adds the phrase “and awomen” as a virtue-signaling low-IQ postscript to “amen.”

Links Referenced in the Show:

Blaze article on the Canadian New Year’s Eve celebration:

Video of the Canadian police storming the “illegal gathering”:

Wednesday’s #StoptheSteal protest:

Ted Cruz’s statement on certification of the Electoral College results:

NY Assembly Bill 416:

Nancy Pelosi bans “gendered” terms from the House rules:

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