On the DC Front Lines with Daniel Wagner

January 07, 2021

Carter speaks live with Daniel Wagner from the Unframe of Mind podcast about his experience on the front lines at the riots in DC.

Daniel describes himself as the father of four, writer, graphic designer, political and social commentator, singer, song writer, and creator of things unique.

After graduating with a BA in Business Information Systems, Organizational Management, and Entrepreneurship, Daniel has been working full time, supporting his family, and working on a continuous stream of side projects; including Unframe of Mind.

In his free time, Daniel loves to sing, play guitar, video games, and woodworking.

Daniel pulls much of his influence from philosophers and free-thinkers, old and new, like Aristotle, Socrates, Ayn Rand, Stefan Molyneux, David Smalley, Joe Rogan, and countless others.

Prolonged exposure to Daniel may cause:

– Nausea
– Disorientation
– Dizziness
– Loss of Appetite
– Morning Wood
– Critical Thinking

You can follow him on social media at:
Twitter: @unframeofmind
Minds: @unframeofmind

Or visit unframeofmind.com for more information.

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