[#Covfefe Break] Trump’s “Insurrection,” Moral Pragmatism, and Censorship 2.0

January 08, 2021

Keri and Carter begin by addressing the accelerated purge of “undesirables” by social media giants following the left’s successful government takeover. This leads to a discussion of this week’s protest in DC against the certification of the Electoral College results, in which they observe the glaring hypocrisy of the corporate media by contrasting recent coverage of events in DC with that of BLM/Antifa activities over the summer.

Carter rants against pragmatism as a philosophical poison and urges people to take principled stances in the name of individual rights and other foundational principles. They end by contemplating secession and chatting with the emotionally charged Unsafe Space community.

Links Referenced in the Show:

#WalkAway banned from Facebook:

Zuckerberg’s statement banning Trump:

Supercut of the media arguing in favor of violence:

Arthur Chu’s monstrous tweets:

James Lindsay shares another example of the left’s putrid attitude towards Republicans:

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