[#Covfefe Break] Social Media Purge, Speaking Truth, and America Divided

January 11, 2021

Keri and Carter begin by laughing at the absurdity of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration theme: “America United,” and then Keri kicks off a discussion about not living in constant fear of losing “accumulated treasures” in life, inspired by her recent rewatching of “V for Vendetta.”

They spend quite a while reading and responding to chats before discussing the most recent round of social media purges, paying close attention to the attack and coordinated destruction of Parler by Apple, Google, and Amazon. Carter reports on the ensuing Parler vulnerability revealed when Twilio discontinued Parler’s services, thus permitting hackers to gain administrative access and download all Parler content. Carter doesn’t believe Parler will ever return.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Biden’s inauguration theme:

Carter’s video on the Digital Reign of Terror:

Twilio suspends Parler:

A Parler hack ensues:

Crash Override’s attack liveblog:

Archived Parler data tracker:

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