[#Covfefe Break] Red Pills, Multiracial Whiteness, and Petromasculine Trucks

January 18, 2021

Keri and Carter begin with a discussion of taking the Red Pill. Keri talks about the difficult path of walking away from social justice ideology, and Carter draws a parallel to his own experience of leaving Christianity to become an atheist. Both involved potential loss of family, friends, and community. After they discuss the benefits of living an authentic life, Carter introduces the importance of an integrated and non-contradictory belief system, noting that it is the best defense against encroaching collectivist ideology.

Next, they review a series of mainstream media headlines featuring “White Supremacists,” “White Christian Nationalism,” and the neologism “Multiracial Whiteness.” They predict a ramping-up of authoritarian leftism following Biden’s inauguration, but end with a bit of intermittent frivolity as Keri reveals her very, very safe restaurant mask before the two contemplate a recent Tweet claiming that a large pickup truck is “glorification of violence and domination.”

Links Referenced in the Show:

Propaganda headlines from various mainstream sources:

Current money supply:

Biden’s “Day One” executive actions:

National Guard troops at inauguration:

FBI vetting the military:

Inauguration plans:

Militarized DC:

Military voting patterns:

Dropping charges against Trump inauguration rioters:

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