[#Covfefe Break] A Return to Normalcy

January 22, 2021

Carter and Keri open by observing several narrative changes that occurred within 24 hours after Joe Biden took office, including a reduction in COVID hysteria by both CNN and the WHO, increased militarization in Syria, re-introduction of Critical Race Theory in government-funded institutions, a disruption of the US energy industry, and a sudden distaste for Antifa’s violence.

Then they peruse superchats, marvel at the Cathedral’s lack of subtlety, and contemplate government-recommended policies for orgies in the era of COVID. Keri officially announces her engagement, and Carter ends the show with two stories: one about real-life cancel culture directed at the MyPillow CEO, and another about a disturbing lawsuit alleging that Twitter knowingly permitted child sexual exploitation because it “didn’t find a violation of our policies.”

Links Referenced in the Show:

WHO’s curiously timed admission that high-cycle PCR tests can be hypersensitive:

CNN drops its COVID scare box:

Jimmy Dore on propaganda:

Difference between Trump and Biden inauguration videos:

Biden’s unlisted inauguration video:

Whitehouse closes petitions portion of website:

A US military convoy enters Syria:

A return to normalcy:

Dr. Rachel Levine:

An Antifa play in 3 acts:

Real-life cancel culture directed at MyPillow:

Story about Twitter lawsuit:

The actual Twitter lawsuit:

The Tweet that didn’t “age” well:

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