[#Covfefe Break] Don’t Be Too Nice

January 25, 2021

Prompted by Keri asking about his “Too Nice” sign in the background, Carter opens with a rant about the dangers of avoiding conflict and being overly agreeable with errant philosophers and academics whose ideas are responsible for the destruction of Western Civilization. Next, they laugh about the outrage from duped union members (“low information voters”) over Joe Biden’s cancelling of the Keystone Pipeline project.

After playing a clip from Kmele Foster’s appearance on Bill Maher in which he argues against the “anti-racist” practice of turning everything into a discussion about race, Keri highlights the blatantly racist responses from sanctimonious (and often white) SJWs online. [The Kmele clip has been removed from the YouTube version of this episode due to copyright claims.] Keri proposes a non-profit dedicated to encouraging people NOT to vote, and Carter loves the idea. They discuss problems with universal suffrage and Carter reiterates his assertion that people who get paychecks from the government have a conflict of interest and therefore should not vote.

Then they turn their attention to Jeff Bezos, whose Washington Post argued incessantly about the fairness, safety, and integrity of mail-in voting when it came to the Presidential election. It turns out that when it comes to the voting process for Amazon workers seeking to unionize, however, Bezos is very concerned about mail-in ballots and has filed a request with the National Labor Relations Board to delay the vote and to “adopt a workable standard that promotes manual elections” as opposed to mail-in ballots.

After celebrating the lifting of California’s COVID lockdowns thanks to the election of The “Joe-ssiah,” Carter reviews the 81 presidential election lawsuits and notes that none of them have ever reached the stage of even being allowed to argue evidence. Finally, they end with some intermittent frivolity by watching a video of the Biden family being locked out of the Whitehouse as a direct result of their ideological purge.

Links Referenced in the Show:

How to Begin your Anti-Racism Journey:

Clip of Kmele on Bill Maher:

Amazon urges halt to union mail-in vote:

Amazon filing: Motion to Stay an Election:

Amazon filing: Request for Review of DDE:

COVID lockdowns over in California:

COVID California data:

List of Election Court Cases:

Antrim County case still proceeding:

Oops, the Bidens were locked out of the Whitehouse:

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