[#Covfefe Break] BLM’s Mostly Peaceful Prize and Fauci’s Infinite Masks

February 01, 2021

Keri and Carter begin by contemplating the fact that Black Lives Matter has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a Norwegian MP, joining the list of “mostly peaceful” laureates who used violence for political gain. Carter reviews a Washington Post article in defense of hedge funds amidst the Gamestop short squeeze, and Keri expresses her distaste for “arrogant idiots” like Seth Rogen, pointing to an online exchange in which Gad Saad owns Rogan for his vapid virtue signalling.

Next, they chat about the latest COVID news, including a ban on TV watching, the latest CDC order requiring masks on “public” transportation, and a suspicious new line of “N+1 is better than N!” propaganda regarding masks. They discuss Twitter’s new “Civic Integrity Policy,” during which Carter observes that such a policy is both inherently political and fundamentally inimical to freedom of speech protections.

Keri ends with on a positive note by reading an inspiring poem written by Unsafe Space community member Ryan Melchionno.

Links Referenced in the Show:

BLM Nobel Nomination:

About the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project:

ACLED Demonstrations & Political Violence in America report:

Wikipedia page on George Floyd protests: $1-2 billion in insured damages in 2 weeks:

LA County bans people from watching TV:

CDC Guide to Masks:

CDC Requirement for Face Masks on Public Transportation:

Forbes article about the CDC Requirements:

Double-up on masks:

Dr. Fauci interview:

Washington Post article on hedge funds and GameStop:

Seth Rogan gets owned:

Academy Award Eligibility List:

Gateway Pundit suspended from Twitter:

Second article about Gateway Pundit suspension:

Twitter’s Civic integrity policy:

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quote:

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