[#Covfefe Break] Kaepernick Wins the Race Bowl

February 07, 2021

Keri and Carter begin with a look at the supposed “outrage” over yesterday’s Super Bowl, including the alleged “racism” inherent in a white quarterback daring to win during Black History Month, commercials featuring mask-less humans in close proximity, Dolly Parton’s implication that hard work is laudable, and any suggestion of promoting “unity” between the woke coasts and middle-America.

The duo discusses the importance of thinking for oneself while disagreeing over the definition of a “normie” vs an “NPC,” and then Keri rants about mask Karens, calling them selfish. Carter pushes back on the use of the word, “selfishness,” as a lazy criticism, and the two discuss what “selfishness” actually means. Finally, Carter questions Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s claim that “full employment” will be reached when Biden’s $1.9T stimulus package is approved, as well as the concept of government-funded “employment” being desirable in the first place. This leads to a discussion of how the sentiment of the Occupy Wall Street was valid, but their conclusions and solutions misdirected, as Carter secretly pines away for Ron Paul.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Tweets categorizing Tom Brady’s win as racist:

USA Today op-ed about Tom Brady’s white privilege:

Chris Hayes and his allies are “outraged” over commercials:

Dolly Parton’s Super Bowl commercial criticized:

Janet Yellen’s prediction of full employment:

Letter to a Woke Heart (Keri read a portion):

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