[#Covfefe Break] Tom MacDonald, Gina Carano, and the Impeachment Trial

February 11, 2021

Keri and Carter begin by playing an excerpt from Tom MacDonald’s “Everybody Hates Me,” and the two discuss the popularity of a rap artist with songs like, “White Boy,” “Fake Woke,” “Cancelled,” and “No Lives Matter.” They discuss Disney/Lucasfilm and UTA’s cancellation of Star Wars actress Gina Carano for a rather benign but nevertheless wrongthinking Instagram post, and celebrate her resulting new collaboration with Daily Wire. Finally, Unsafe Space correspondent Jason joins the program to summarize this week’s show trial impeachment of former President Trump. Thanks to Jason for sparing us all the effort of following the drama ourselves!

Links Referenced in the Show:

Tom MacDonald’s Everybody Hates Me:

Tom MacDonald’s Fake Woke:

Hollywood Reporter article on Gina Carano:

Gina’s alleged mask mockery:

Gina’s politically incorrect opinion about voter fraud:

The Instagram post that did Gina in:

Gina Carano’s collaboration with The Daily Wire:

Pedro Pascal on Trump supporters:

Pedro Pascal’s kids in cages tweet:

Anderson Cooper compares January 6th to the Rwandan genocide:

The Brooklyn Dad tweet comparing 9/11 to January 6th:

Democrats encouraging unrest:

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