[#Covfefe Break] ERCoT, Personal Responsibility, and 30 Tyrants

February 19, 2021

Keri returns from her power outage to discuss the Texas power grid with Carter. Is ERCoT a failure of the free market? The two laugh about the tone-deaf vilification of Ted Cruz for his vacation before condemning the idea of outsourcing the responsibility for one’s safety to someone else. They address Gorilla Glue Girl and compare her to the McDonald’s coffee lady, which ultimately ends in a disagreement about whose lawsuit was more frivolous. Carter spotlights a recent New York Times article promoting the genetic fallacy and discouraging “critical thinking,” and the two marvel at how blatant the Cathedral’s propaganda has become. After Keri drops off, Carter praises an article by Lee Smith titled, “The Thirty Tyrants,” which compares the relationship between American elites and China to that of the Athenian aristocracy and Sparta after the Peloponnesian War.

Links Referenced in the Show:

ERCoT Wikipedia entry:

Texas major of Colorado City resigns:

Ted Cruz goes on a nice vacation. How dare he!

NY Times suggests that you should stop thinking critically:

The Thirty Tyrants article by Lee Smith:

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