[#Covfefe Break] Defending Dolly, Cuomo’s Emmy, & The Trans Oath Keeper

March 01, 2021

Keri begins with an intricate defense of her beloved Dolly Parton, whom the left is actively fantasizing about cancelling just as soon as they can come up with a convincing “reason.” At Keri’s behest, a woefully Parton-ignorant Carter promises to visit the Dolly Parton something-or-other “the next time he’s in Tennessee.” He then unleashes a rant that juxtaposes the left’s widespread veneration of Communist goons like Che Guevara with their hypersensitive pearl-clutching over the existence of a Confederate flag.

Next, the two contrast an Infowars article about the Texas power crisis with a Politifact article excoriating it, comparing them both with the Department of Energy Executive Order on which they are based. They then turn to the distasteful topic of Andrew Cuomo, his ironic Emmy Award, his potentially disastrous COVID rules concerning nursing homes, and the recent sexual harassment allegations against him. Carter then briefly defends “Robber Barons” by referring to them as “Captains of Industry,” and the two end by noting how suspiciously silent the mainstream media has been regarding the fact that Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins, who is currently facing charges in the January 6th “mostly peaceful” protest at the capitol, is a member of the normally sacred “trans community.”

Links Referenced in the Show:

Vox article on Dolly Parton:

Jessica Wilkerson will defend you against Dolly:

InfoWars article on Department of Energy EO:

Politifact article on InfoWars article:

The actual Department of Energy EO:

Cuomo’s Emmy:

Article about Cumomo’s handling of COVID:

NYS AG preliminary report:

Latest sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo:

Lindsey Boylan’s Medium post alleging sexual harassment by Cuomo:

Jessica Watkins requests to be released from jail:

Judge denies Jessica Watkins’ request:

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