[#Covfefe Break] Texas Reopened, Dr. Seuss Cancelled, and Sitting in Discomfort

March 05, 2021

Keri and Carter begin by celebrating the lifting of Texas’ mask mandate, despite the resulting outrage which manifest in the hashtag #ihateithere trending on social media. They discuss the effect of lockdowns on children and Carter wonders why the bromide “kids are resilient” is treated as fact. They are prompted by chat to briefly discuss HR 1, or the cleverly-named “For the People Act,” and then Keri describes how low information haters could do a better job of harassing her if they really cared.

Next, they discuss the recent announcement by Dr. Seuss Enterprises that they are discontinuing the publication of six of his books after concluding that they “portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong.” They review some of the “problematic” portions, and note that many retailers–including even eBay–have seized on the announcement and prohibited sales of the books on their own platforms.

Carter briefly relates The Law of Suspects (a French revolution-era law instrumental during the Reign of Terror) to both the “anti-racist” ideology of today’s SJWS and to Twitter’s Terms of Service, and then he talks about the importance of learning to live with discomfort, noting that a commitment to individual sovereignty precludes appealing to an authority to correct your neighbor’s bad ideas or self-destructive behavior. He also observes that demanding to know how “X” will work without central planning is a loaded question that misses the entire point of individualism.

Keri reads some relevant Fahrenheit 451 quotes, and they end the show with an unexpected discussion about abortion, how they each think about the topic, and how their views have changed over time.

Links Referenced in the Show:

HR 1 Wikipedia entry:

Statement from Dr. Seuss Enterprises:

Dr. Seuss’s stepdaughter defends him:

Wikipedia page on Dr. Seuss describing his views on Japanese Americans during WWII:

eBay removes the targetted Dr. Seuss books:

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