[#Covfefe Break] Lisa Hanson, Walter Mitty, and Downvoting YouTube

April 02, 2021

Carter is joined by “SJW Karen” (a.k.a. Keri in a blue wig) and special guest Mystery Chris. They discuss the woke “courageous conversations” Facebook group (which is neither courageous nor about conversations) in which SJW Karen posted a confession of her white privilege. Chris tells Keri that she inspired him to be less compliant with mask mandates, and then Carter prompts Chris for his take on the difference between older and newer superheroes–does the evolution of the superhero tell us something about culture?

Next comes some SuperChat responses. Keri talks about waking up from SJW ideology, and Carter warns that newly “awake” former SJWs should trace the causes of SJW ideology back to their philosophical roots rather than simply advocating that the culture rewind a few years. Chris asks Carter about the Watchmen TV show and confirms that it was the dumpster fire Carter expected it to be, and then Carter gives an update on the Lisa Hanson situation. He also tries to explain the importance of discretion when dealing with legal matters. They end the show with a discussion of YouTube’s new policy on downvoting designed to spare woke lefties the embarrassment of getting ratio’ed, an overview on the origin of Antifa, and the banning of mullets by an Australian University.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Keri’s confession of white privilege:

YouTube’s new downvote policy:

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