[#Covfefe Break] Unwelcome Gestapo N*zi Psychopaths

April 05, 2021

Carter begins by sharing a video of a Calgary Pastor giving the “Gestapo Nazi Psychopaths” (the COVID cops) a piece of his mind while tossing them out of his church. Keri joins, and they discuss the importance of taking a principled stance against tyranny as appropriate for both Christians and atheists. Keri encourages people to “standup and set the world on fire”.

Keri then moves the discussion in a religious direction, and as an atheist Carter asks her about her views regarding some of the more controversial religious teachings regarding sin, pointing out instances in which extra-Biblical moral rules are being applied even by Christians.

They chat about so-called “essential workers” and the problem with letting government categorize people’s livelihoods. Carter explains that many people hold concepts such as “freedom” as “floating abstractions” in their minds i.e. concepts untethered to concrete referents in reality and therefore poorly defined and understood. The difference between actual science and faith in the religion of “The Science” is addressed (particularly with respect to the Branch Covidians), along with the fallacious assumption that political decisions can be derived from scientific knowledge absent moral or ethical considerations.

Finally, some end-of-show frivolity erupts when Keri reports on a recent visit to the doctor in which she had the option to declare her gender “undecided.”

Links Referenced in the Show:

Pastor in Calgary Throws the Cops Out:

Catholics in the UK Cave to the Police:

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