[#Covfefe Break] Court Packing, Leftist Boogeymen, and Voter Intimidation

April 16, 2021

Carter and Keri are joined by special guests Daniel Wagner and Libby Emmons. After pondering the lost art of couch flipping, they discuss Jerry Nadler’s flawed concept of “court unpacking” before contemplating why the left is choosing this moment to stage their most outrageous power grab yet. Libby highlights the racist Utah Jazz scholarship program and the ubiquity of overt racism in the arts before delving into how schools are ruining children.

The conversation veers from recycling to CNN to “fact-checks” before Carter introduces the idea of psychological debt accumulated by refusing to think. A lively debate about the need for government erupts between Daniel and Libby, and the show ends with an analysis of California bill SB 663: a thinly-veiled vehicle for government authoritarians to intimidate any who oppose them.

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