[#Covfefe Break] R-E-S-P-E-C-T

April 26, 2021

Keri returns with stories from the Better Discourse Conference to discuss dog names, The Dukes of Hazard, and Twitter’s ever-shrinking lexicon. She and Carter review the Cartoon Network’s latest spate of gender propaganda and contrast the demands of modern radical transactivism with the behavior of average trans people. Carter segues into explaining the dangers of praising children for inherent attributes rather than behavior, and the two observe the palpable decay in societal trust of government institutions. A Superchatter informs Carter that the increasingly insignificant Oscars happened, and Keri reveals the “racist” results for the best actor and best actress categories. The two briefly meander into the verboten topic of violent crime statistics before ending the show with a call to practice a mild form of mask non-compliance.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Better Discourse Event Kenosha:

Cartoon Network Wants to “Normalize” Gender Pronouns:

USA Today is Disappointed in the Oscars:

Police Killings by Gender:

Violent Crime rates by Ethnicity:

2018 National Victim Crime Survey:

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  1. So glad I can at least see her smiling faces. I was booted from YT and YOUR live chat is one of the main things I’m Very bummed about losing. Looking 4werd to an alternative live stream option.

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