[#Covfefe Break] That’s Not Rain…

May 07, 2021

Keri and Carter are joined by special guests with sexy voices: Clifton Duncan and Mystery Chris. Clifton begins by recounting what it’s like to be a non-woke actor in the entertainment industry, and the four then delve into Obama’s popularity, his affectations, and what each liked or disliked about him. Then they contrast these qualities with those of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Next, they chat about a school’s bizarre reward for a charity drive and what it implies about mask mandates. This leads to a discussion about the differences between how Cathedral media treats vaccine hesitancy among black Americans vs. that among white Americans. Then Carter challenges the ideas that “progressives” were ever champions of individual rights and that conservatives are a viable alternative to the radical left. A discussion with some disagreement ensues. After briefly noting the new ISO standards for “Diversity and Inclusion,” the show ends with some frivolity as Keri relates a story about how she trolls a local coffee shop over its mask mandate.

Links Referenced in the Show:

McKeel Academy Uses Oxygen as Incentive:

CNN Guest Suggests a Bigger Stick for Herd Immunity:

NBC on Black Vaccine Hesitancy:

WebMD on Black Vaccine Hesitancy:

CNN on Black Vaccine Hesitancy:

Time on Black Vaccine Hesitancy:

USA Today on Black Vaccine Hesitancy:

NY Times on Those Stupid Whites Who Won’t Get the Vaccine:

Courier Press on Those Stupid Whites Who Won’t Get the Vaccine:

Washington Post on Those Stupid Whites Who Won’t Get the Vaccine:

New ISO Standards for Diversity and Inclusion:

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