[#Covfefe Break] You’re Not Special

May 10, 2021

Carter and Keri open with a discussion about the difference between “cancel culture” and healthy ostracism. Then Keri introduces the AVEN guide to the “asexuality spectrum,” which the two proceed to thoroughly enjoy reading. This leads to a discussion about coddled minds and the excessive use of psychological pharmaceuticals.

Next, they discuss CNN’s perplexed realization that the “vaccine hesitant” are not all Trump supporters, the suggestion that “carrots and sticks” should be used to prod holdouts, and the elitist condescension dripping from Jimmy Kimmel’s COVID PSA. Carter shares some of what he’s recently read about COVID spike proteins and reminds people that doctors are not gods.

Finally the two discuss the disastrous April jobs numbers, the federal monetary printing press, and the difference between toilet paper and fiat currency.

Links Referenced in the Show:

BBC Article About Asexuality:

CNN Article About the Vaccine Hesitant:

Condescending Jimmy Kimmel Video:

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