[#Covfefe Break] Marx in Space, My Little Army, and de Blasio’s ASMR

May 24, 2021

Carter and Keri talk about Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier’s new book, Irresistible Revolution, which documents SJW infiltration into the Space Force and the rest of the military. They review an opinion piece in Bloomberg promoting the idea of mandatory vaccinations, and then lament the difference between recruitment videos for the Russian military and the US military. Next, Keri tries to make Carter lose his breakfast by showing him an ASMR-like video in which NYC mayor Bill de Blasio eats fries and a burger in an attempt to convince the Homers in NY to get the COVID jab. They lament the attitude of a mother who goes on TikTok to describe how her white baby son is inherently bad…because he’s a white male. Carter warns young men about choosing life partners who hate men, and Keri describes how those relationships tend to work out. Finally, Carter rants about people who feel entitled to have their opinions taken seriously.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Space Force Colonel Fired:

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier’s Book:

Forced Vaccination?

Russian vs. US Military Recruitment:

Chinese vs. Russian vs. US Military Recruitment:

Tickets for shaking hands:

I Have a Permit:

De Blasio’s Emetic ASMR:

Mom Needs to Fix her White Son:

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