[#Covfefe Break] Brave New Breakfast Cereal

May 31, 2021

Carter begins by confronting Keri about the role she has played in the growing epidemic of prayer rape, and how he’s been personally victimized for decades. Next, they contemplate the motivation behind Kellogg’s new “Together” cereal and a completely unnecessary Blues Clues Pride Parade. After learning that apparently Jesus was “Bi” and “Non-Binary,” Keri reveals the exciting new world of breastfeeding males. Carter announces his recent discovery of the Greater Idaho movement, and the episode ends with some SuperChats.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Prayer Rape:

Jesus is Bi and Non-Binary:

Greater Idaho:

The Mob Attacks HatWRKS:

Foot Loops Go Woke:

Blues Clues Pride Parade:

Trans Women Can Breastfeed:

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