[#Covfefe Break] Is Tucker Carlson the New Alex Jones?

July 05, 2021

Keri and Carter discuss how the Cathedral misrepresents Frederick Douglass’s 4th of July speech in order to promote Critical Race Theory, as well as their general gaslighting when it comes to what CRT is and the fact that it’s being applied in primary schools. After a Lakota man posts a 4th of July picture of his family flipping off Mt. Rushmore with the message “F*ck you!,” they explore the history of the warring Lakota tribe and the hypocritical condemnation of America. Next, they contemplate the uncanny valley as an American flag wielding Mark Zuckerberg bot hyrdrofoils to John Denver. After covering the oddly elaborate scheme hatched by gun grabbers in an attempt to manufacture a “gotcha” moment for John Lott, they end by considering Brian Stelter’s assertion that Tucker Carlson is, in fact, the new Alex Jones.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Washington Post Article Misrepresenting Frederick Douglass:

Frederick Douglass’ Actual Speech:

The Lie That Removing CRT From Schools Means Removing Frederick Douglass:

An F.U. to America From a Lakota Family:

The History of How the Lakota’s Conquered Mt. Rushmore:

An Uncanny Valley You Can’t Unsee, Featuring Zuckerbot:

The School That Wasn’t There, by John Lott:

The NSA’s Statement on Tucker Carlson:

Tucker Carlson is Alex Jones:

The Alexa Wiretap:

The Wave:

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