[#Covfefe Break] Separating Art from the Artist, with Kamran Pasha and Jared Bauer

July 09, 2021

Carter and Keri are joined by Kamran Pasha and Jared Bauer. They discuss Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein, Bryan Singer, Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Hollywood’s problem with predatory behavior in general, and its history of covering up such behavior. Keri points out that women have agency after all, Kamran peers through a next-level Satanic cult lens, and Jared reminds us that many stories get sensationalized to the point of absurdity. On a positive note, they celebrate a recent viral video–which was inspired by Keri and her Civility Dinners–of a flash mob singing the national anthem at a Walmart on Independence Day. Finally, Carter answers an unrelated Superchat request for book recommendations regarding the French Revolution and the Chinese cultural revolution (links to his answers are in full description on the website).

Links Referenced in the Show:

National Anthem video:

General Overview of the French Revolution:

Great Compilation of Primary Source Material from 18th Century France:

De Tocqueville’s Analysis of the French Revolution:

Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution:

Another Book on the Chinese Cultural Revolution (recommended to Carter, but he hasn’t read it yet):

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