[#Covfefe Break] Gain of Function Conjunction

July 26, 2021

Carter and Keri discuss Dr. Rand Paul’s interrogation of Anthony Fauci and the bureaucrat’s blatant gaslighting and evasion. Then they note how far Australia and other nations have gone down the road to an authoritarian surveillance state. Next, they contemplate the virtue signaling and “briar patching” of a UK woman who took a picture of herself wearing a mask on an empty subway car. Eventually the conversation takes a turn for the abstract. Carter wonders if the nymph Calypso had borderline personality disorder, and Keri discusses the dangers of ideological commitment. This prompts Carter to rant against pragmatism, and then he introduces the idea that many people’s response to mask and vaccination mandates is related to their inherent bias towards either an “r” or “K” reproductive strategy.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Dr. Paul Questions Fauci:

Deebo “What Bike?” Meme:

Mask on an Empty Subway Car:

Snitch on Your Australian Neighbor:

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