[#Covfefe Break] Yes, We Are That Dumb

August 02, 2021

Carter and Keri begin with a disturbing discussion about alleged sexual predators Chris Chan (a.k.a Mrs. Christine W. Chandler Sonichu) and Raul Zito. This leads to a conversation about the pitfalls of ignoring red flags, followed by a reminder that politicians are primarily concerned with power, not the health or wellbeing of the citizenry. Next, they discuss how the authoritarianism of other Western governments such as Australia and France is becoming increasingly obvious. Carter encourages the French to disobey the law as he butchers the language while reading a quote by Voltaire.

Next, they clarify the difference between rights and privileges as they review how government officials believe you need permission to exhale, reminding people that all forms of collectivism are evil. Keri and Carter then indulge the audience in a discussion about Q Anon, and then Carter throws a few unexpected rants out: one about the importance of fighting bad ideas, one about defending liberty, and one about inoculating your children.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Chris Chan:

Christine Chandler:

Raul Zito:

Keri’s Substack Article:

Voltaire, Un-butchered:

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