[#Covfefe Break] Welcome, Big Brother!

August 09, 2021

Before Keri joins, Carter begins by addressing the wave of health care professionals being fired for their refusal to take one of the COVID vaccines that have emergency approval from the FDA. Next, the two discuss self-censoring in order to remain on YouTube, and the way in which authoritarians weed out independent thinkers by constantly changing the acceptable narrative. After explaining that “gun control” requires enforcement by men with guns, the two turn to an older article titled, “We Need Big Brother to Beat This Virus,” citing it as an example of how propagandists can preemptively undermine counterarguments. Next, they rail against the “cameras in classrooms” solution that some conservatives seem to think is the silver bullet that will eradicate CRT from public schools. Carter takes from flak from the chat when he suggests that children can learn math from Khan Academy and English from books, and that parents are ultimately responsible for raising their own kids. After quoting the Violent Femmes, the two discuss vaccine mandates and how to get exemptions. The show ends as people roast Carter, mostly for having awesome hair combined with a demonstrated ignorance of the Golden Girls.

Links Referenced in the Show:

A Doctor Speaks at the Mount Vernon School Board Meeting:

We Need Big Brother to Beat the Virus:

Big Brother Opinion Piece is One of the Best:

Look, Obama Had an Epic Birthday Bash in Panem’s Capitol City:

How to Refuse vaccines from KrisAnne Hall:

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