[#Covfefe Break] Afghanistan and the War at Home

August 16, 2021

Keri and Carter begin with a brief discussion of yesterday’s Book Club (The Anarchy Handbook) and the Federal war on cryptocurrency before turning to the Afghanistan fiasco. Carter implores young liberty-minded men to focus their efforts on fighting for liberty at home rather than letting the military channel their energy to quagmires overseas. Next, they address the fact that the United States is basically a uni-party system, and discuss the importance of both leadership and follower roles. After considering the prevalence of psychopathy among various professions, Keri briefly touches on Comicsgate and her interview with Ethan Van Sciver. Then they watch some eviction moratorium propaganda from CNN featuring a fake mom. Finally, they review the Department of Homeland Security’s list of “Terror Threats,” which includes questioning the government’s response to COVID.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Matt Taibbi’s Article on Afghanistan as a “Postmodern” War:

Disaffected Podcast Covers CNN’s Fake Mom Propaganda:

8th Grader’s Letter:

Department of Homeland Security’s Terror Threat List:

Department of Homeland Security’s Use of Social Media Companies:

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