[#Covfefe Break] Joe Rogan’s COVID, McDonald’s Ice Cream, and Texas Abortion

September 02, 2021

Carter returns to join Keri on the Unsafe Space Clips channel on YouTube, thanks to a 14-day suspension on the main Unsafe Space channel. Keri craves a moral or spiritual leader in modern America, citing Martin Luther King Jr.’s pacifism as an important component. Carter questions the tactical effectiveness of turning the other cheek in an era in which the mainstream media already ignores leftist violence against wrongthinkers. They both agree on the importance of standing up for principles. As Keri struggles with connection issues, Carter shares that not only does Joe Rogan take “horse dewormer,” but also engages in a number of other questionable and disgusting practices.

Next, they discuss the ridiculousness of the FTC’s new investigation into McDonald’s McFlurry machines. After touching on cell phone addiction and poor financial decisions on display on a TV show called “Marriage or Mortgage?”, they discuss Texas’s new abortion law. The show ends with a brief overview of the US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan, as well as the hours of training that will now be put to use by the Taliban.

Links Referenced in the Show:

McDonald’s McFlurry Machines are Broken and the FTC Cares:

Inventory of Air Force Equipment Left for the Taliban:

More About Air Force Equipment Left Behind:

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