[#Covfefe Break] Labor Day, McDonald’s, Ivermectin, Abortion, and BlackRock

September 06, 2021

Keri and Carter broadcast from a newly monetized Clips channel on YouTube, and Keri opens by sharing some choice passages from the Anti-Federalist Papers. Carter then indulges a community member’s insistence that the idea of the FTC investigating McDonald’s ice cream machines isn’t as silly has he implied on Friday. After the pair reads some superchats, Carter advocates for the idea of honoring entrepreneurs rather than the Marxist concept of “labor” that is celebrated on Labor Day. Keri then praises universal suffrage as moral, a concept which Carter promptly pushes back on. Next, Keri reads an article about BlackRock buying up real estate, but then turns to a piece sponsored by the World Economic Forum all about life in 2030. Along with the audience, they marvel at how such a dystopian fantasy is blatantly celebrated. The show closes with a brief mention of the fake news about Ivermectin deaths brazenly promoted by Rolling Stone.

Links Referenced in the Show:

More Details About the Stupid McDonald’s Ice Cream Drama:

Peter Schiff on Labor Day:

BlackRock is Buying Real Estate:

John Allison’s Book on the Financial Crisis:

A Dystopian 2030:

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