[#Covfefe Break] Woke X-Men, Girl James Bond, and Australian Cops; w/ Sal the Agorist & Kamran Pasha

September 24, 2021

While Keri is on vacation, Carter and guest host Sunny Lohmann speak with special guests Kamran Pasha and Sal the Agorist. They begin by casting aspersions on California’s recent gubernatorial recall election, and Carter expresses gratitude that so-called “working class” people are beginning to see through the lie of leftist empathy for them. Next, they discuss the usurpation of James Bond via actress Lashana Lynch, who will be the first female 007, and Daniel Craig’s wrong-thinking reaction.

After a disturbing discussion about a trans MMA fighter pummeling an actual female amid cheering, they contemplate the left’s bizarre resurrection of George W. Bush. Then they address Australia’s violent, jack-booted crack down on peaceful dissenters and the astonishing images and video emerging from down under in recent days. Kamran laments that Islam is now facing internal ideological battles against woke leftism in the same way the Christian community has, and then the group explores how big business and government are merging.

After a lengthy debate about whether limiting immigration is an issue of self-defense or the initiation of the use of force, the group turns to SJW convergence within the Marvel universe as the word “men” in “X-Men” is now considered problematic. Near the end of the show, they cover the ACLU’s woke sanitization of Ruth Bader Ginsburg before turning to a discussion weighing the pros and cons of anarchy. Finally, Sal explains why and how agorism can help defeat the bloated authoritarian state.

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Links Referenced in the Show:

James Bond was basically a rapist:

Daniel Craig exhibits a bit of sanity:

An Australian cop just “doing my job”:

More Australian cops going door-to-door, because tyranny:

Cops attacking tradies down under:

More Australian protecting and serving:

Protecting and serving an elderly woman:

Video of the elderly woman being protected and served:

X-“Men” is problematic:

ACLU re-writes history for RBG:

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