[#Covfefe Break] Jonathan Isaac’s Vax Response, National Divorce, and Cluster B; with Josh Slocum

October 01, 2021

Carter is joined by guest host Sunny Lohmann and guest Josh Slocum from the Disaffected podcast. They discuss the value of breaking away from mainstream narratives by focusing on primary source material, and the importance of attempting objectivity when considering arguments with which one disagrees. Next, they explore the psychological origins of the authoritarian mindset and the role that principles play in being able to predict future outcomes. They end by comparing the corporate press to Temple Grandin and wonder how similar mainstream Americans are to cattle in a slaughterhouse.

Find Sunny at House of Sunny at http://www.houseofsunny.tv
Find Josh on the Disaffected podcast, or on Twitter at: @DisaffectedPod

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